David Clumpner Photography
Girls Going to Church in Nomuka Tonga
Baby and Pig in Nomuka Island Tonga
Guinivita Drinks From a Coconut in Kingdom of Tonga
Three Girls in Church on White Sunday in Nomuka Tonga
Boy Flying Kite in Kingdom of Tonga
Girl Walks Home from School on Nomuka
Boys Make Homemade Kites in Tonga
Tongan Boys Playing After School
Boy Plays in Mud while Dog Scratches Himself
Tongan Women Weave Mats
Tongan Mother Weaves Mat While Son Laughs

Nomuka Island, Kingdom of Tonga

In the spring of 2016 I spent seven weeks on the tiny island of Nomuka in the Kingdom of Tonga. I photographed about 80 family portraits and spent the remaining time photographing life on the island from a documentary perspective. This included in-depth essays on church, weaving, kite flying, school days at each of the three schools, and farming. Upon returning to the U.S, I spearheaded a crowdfunding project which fully funded books and prints to be mailed back to every family on the island.

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