David Clumpner Photography
Pyrenees Sheep Dog and Sheep
Pyrenees Guard Dog Stretching
Ewe with Twin Lambs
Herder Approaches Lamb and Ewe
Herder Leads Ewe to Barn
Trepidatious Ewe Peeks Into Barn After Lamb
Pregnant ewes in birthing pasture
Ewe and new lamb
Cautious Ewe
Herder Pulls Lamb Towards Barn
Herder Helps Ewe Give Birth
Herder Births Lamb
Herder Paints Identification Number on Lamb
Ewe and Lamb in Pen
Lambs Moved to Outdoor Pen
Lambs and Ewes in Outdoor Pen
Lambs Loaded into Cart
Herder Feeds Alfalfa to Ewes
Sheepherder and Great Pyrenees Guard Dog
Sheep Herders
Lamb Inoculation
Lamb Awaits Tail Docking
Lamb Tail Docking
Lamb Painted with Ranch Brand
Lambs Investigate Docked Tails
Ellie and Lamb
Woman Herds Calves through Alleyway
Cattle Branding
Branding a Calf
Mother and Baby Administer Inoculations to Calf
Branding Day at the Round Grove Ranch