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Hi, I'm David! I'm a documentary wedding photographer who believes in real, raw, emotional photography. I have traveled and lived in many countries and states, always pursuing adventure and good stories. This is how I came to be a wedding photographer: every family's story is unique and I love making it visual. There is always emotion - sometimes a subtle hand brush, other times hugs or tears. Finding those moments and saving them for you is what I do.

Here's a little of my story:

When I was five my parents sent me out to fend for myself, citing 'character building'. Fortunately it was Halloween night so I scavenged enough sugar to get me through the winter.

After college, I joined the Peace Corps and worked as a conservation volunteer in the tiny Pacific island nation of Palau. A few years later I returned abroad to another small island in Okinawa, Japan, where I worked as an English teacher. While there I completed a year-long portrait photography project, highlighting interesting and important people on the island where I lived.

Koloti Family Portrait on Nomuka Island

That project in Japan sparked an idea for a longer-term personal project where I visit small Pacific islands and take family portraits, then send prints of the photos back to the community.

Three Girls in Church on White Sunday in Nomuka Tonga

In 2016 I went to my third island: Nomuka in the Kingdom of Tonga. In addition to family portraits, I also documented life on the island including church, kite flying, farming, weaving, and school. More photos from the project can be seen here. For the first time, this project also included a 100+ page book in addition to print packages for each family.

In 2017 I photographed the small Vanuatu island of Makira and in 2018 I did the same for Salua Village on Manono Island, Samoa. For these latter two projects I have taken school portraits of all the children and also been able to send each of them a copy of the project's book.

Team Roping Event at the Hamilton Rodeo Montana

I believe strongly in doing personal projects with my photography to keep both my passion and skills on point. In 2016 I began another project documenting Montana's small-town rodeos. This is a work-in-progress that will likely take many years to complete, but the images I have taken so far can be seen here.

I've been all over the world and accumulated a lot of really great experiences and stories. My desire to save those stories is what inspires me to value your wedding and understand the importance of photography.