David Clumpner Photography

Hayden Valley is the most popular location in Yellowstone National Park for wildlife viewing. Every day at sunrise and sunset, cars will fill the parking lot at the Yellowstone River Overlook to search for roaming bison herds and the occasion wolf pack. The views overlooking the Yellowstone River make Hayden Valley a beautiful location for a Yellowstone wedding. A perk to a wedding ceremony in Hayden Valley is its proximity to Yellowstone Lake to the south and Artist Point and Mt. Washburn to the north. There are plentiful portrait opportunities in either direction.

If you are interested in getting married in Hayden Valley, please check out my Yellowstone Elopement Guide or reach out.

Yellowstone Lake Elopement
Yellowstone Lake Wedding Portrait
Hayden Valley Wedding Photo
Hayden Valley Sunrise Elopement Ceremony