Heather and Hunter’s Chico Hot Springs Wedding

Heather and Hunter’s wedding at Chico Hot Springs was one of the most intimate ceremonies I’ve ever photographed.  There were just six guests!  I began the day with Hunter, his father, and his soon-to-be father-in-law fly fishing at DePuy Spring Creek in Paradise Valley.  From there I went back down to the Murray Hotel in Livingston where Heather was getting ready with her mom.  Then we all went up to Chico Hot Springs, where Heather got into her dress in the parking lot, in the rain!  The ceremony was quite chilly and I really felt for Heather, but she was a trooper in her BHLDN dress.  It seemed the light was changing every 15 minutes and when it was time for family portraits we got some of the best I think I’ve ever taken.  Afterwards we ran up the hill and continued to utilize the dramatic weather for their portraits.  I love pretty much everything about Chico Hot Springs, but one of my favorite parts is their wine cellar which they use for small group dinners (see slideshow).

I think Heather’s telling of their engagement is pretty amusing so I’m going to include it here:

“I’m a pretty intuitive person and I knew that we were going to get engaged on the day that we did. Hunter suggested that we take a hike to the ridge near our house that overlooks the Pacific which is not unordinary thing to do, except that I’m usually the driver of these hikes, especially when it’s a hike to a place with no fishing… Also, he asked days in advance and then reminded me.

We made it to the top of the ridge and were hanging out on a blanket, and he actually threw me off as he casually read a book for awhile. I thought that I had freshly painted my nails for no reason. Eventually he asked me to stand up and then started saying something along the lines that he wanted to do it here as it’s the first hike we took from our new house and then I don’t really remember anything else. I pretty much blacked out and don’t remember much more. I asked him as we were walking home, if he was down on one knee. I can’t really remember.”






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