woodstock farm bellingham wedding
David Clumpner Photography

woodstock farm bellingham wedding

At this Woodstock Farm wedding in Bellingham, the couple really brought it all.  Hannah wore a coral (pink!) dress for the ceremony because she kicks ass.  She then changed into this gorgeous little silver dress for the reception.  Recalling our first meeting together at a brewery in Mount Vernon and my dislike for beer, they brought me a six-pack of Not Your Father's Root Beer.  They were so, so nice and thoughtful.

Hannah and Evan were also very emotive and visible with their love.  Some couples are shy, they were not.  I was able to sneak them away from the reception for a brief bit to wander around the property for some portraits.   We did it twice - once for the pink dress and once later for the setting light.  This photo came from the latter session when I just asked them to embrace for a couple minutes and enjoy each other, which they did to perfection.  Of course Hannah being so beautiful does help!

A wonderful thing about photographing a wedding at Woodstock Farm is its proximate location to Bellingham but also that it rests right on the Bay of Bellingham.  That view over the ocean from the cliffside is unmatched, making it one of the better Western Washington wedding venues.

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