montana wedding photo
David Clumpner Photography

montana wedding photo

Working in Glacier National Park is like going on a vacation every time I am here.  When the couple has a connection like Tashia and Hyunmin did here, it's like a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world.  I cannot instruct this kind of love and connection.  Sometimes it happens and my job is to nail the photo when it does.

This is one of the top five Montana wedding photos of my career.  It recently won the Rangefinder Magazine Photo Annual competition, too, so the industry leaders agree.

On this day we had already dealt with a violent hail storm up at the top at Logan Pass.  We'd hoped to walk out towards the edge and make some magic happen but we got snowed out.  Since the weather seemed to be holding we decided to work our way back down and stop occasionally along the way in the dreary, drizzly weather.  This photo was taken at the bottom after I'd already asked the couple to stand in the rain for more than ten minutes for me.  They must have been freezing, but persistence and commitment by the couple is what makes amazing photos like this come to fruition.

Glacier Park is known for vast landscapes, but it can provide these intimate settings as well.

Glacier National Park is located in northern Montana to the east of Kalispell and west of East Glacier. Phone: (406) 888-7800


Location: Montana 59936.