montana engagement photographers
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montana engagement photographers

This photograph was captured on a ridge line with the Mission Mountains in the distance.  This is near Charlo and near St. Ignatius in Montana. 

In Montana we are blessed with some really stunning mountain ranges to use as backdrops in our photos, but putting a couple in front of them is the easy part.  Gaining a connection between the bride and groom is the hard part.  Of course in an engagement session they aren't quite bride and groom yet, but I still like to treat it like a wedding so the couple has lovely portraits of themselves in not-so-fancy clothes.

On this day developing a connection between them was not so simple as the temperature was just 4 degrees.  In temperatures like that the goal of everybody involved is just to avoid frostbite.  For that reason Dani and Jesse never even removed their heavy wool jackets.  I think they had colorful clothes on underneath but we couldn't find out!  But alas, the cold brought a white blanket of snow upon everything which provided us with brilliant contrast for this lovely shot of them.

Location: St. Ignatius, Montana.