holland lake lodge wedding photography
David Clumpner Photography

holland lake lodge wedding photography

Shelby leading Ben through Holland Lake Lodge is a special photo because the couple are the only people present in the photo and it's a real moment.  Genuine interactions are what I aim to photograph so getting something like this is my dream.  It looks like it might have come from a creative portrait session, but it is in fact real.

Holland Lake Lodge is one of the most special places in all of Montana.  It's at the end of a long dirt road with questionable signage, but once you park and walk through the gates you realize you're perched on a small spit overlooking the entire lake with mountains to both the north and south.  It's one of my top couple wedding venues in the entire state of Montana and it's not even close to Glacier National Park or Big Sky.  The light is gorgeous here as is the entire setting.  Also, the lodge is quite historic, being built in 1946 and yet having enough rooms to house most of the guests of a small wedding.  There are also neighboring cabins that can be utilized for the getting ready portions of the day with the bridal parties.  It's an intimate space, but it's the definition of peaceful and gorgeous.

Holland Lake Lodge is located in Condon, Montana.Website: http://www.hollandlakelodge.com/ Phone: (406) 754-2282

Location: 1947 Holland Lake Rd, Condon, MT 59826.