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Glacier Wedding Photographers

Coming all the way to Glacier National Park in Montana from Seoul, South Korea to celebrate their marriage, Hyunmin and Tashia fortunately scheduled time to go into Glacier for photos. It can be a tough place to hold a wedding because it is SO beautiful, but there are no decent ceremony sites within the park and it's a decent drive in from the West Glacier gate to get to the pretty spots.  So a couple really has to schedule a day after session if they actually want photos in their wedding clothes in the park, which is exactly what Tashia and Hyunmin did.

We made a few lower elevation stops on the way in to get some work done in the cedars and lowlands, then stopped along the climb on Going To The Sun Road to make sure we had some safe mountain shots.  Then at the top we went on a little excursion along the Highline Trail, but were quickly rebuffed by a gnarly hail storm.  We ran back to the car but were pretty wet from the experience, so we took the opportunity to eat dinner, then decided to head down.  Just as we crested the valley I realized the conditions were ripe for some really moody work, so I made Hyunmin stop at the biggest pullout along the way and I scouted out my shots in the rain before making them get out and endure the wet, rough conditions.  It was actually raining in this shot, as might be implied by the valley clouds and fog in the background, and it was quite cold, but totally worth it in my opinion!

Location: Glacier National Park, Montana.

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