flower girl at soldiers chapel big sky montana
David Clumpner Photography

flower girl at soldiers chapel big sky montana

Flower girls are some of my favorite subjects because they are unpredictable and themselves.  Adults sometimes think they should act differently in front of the camera, but this little flower girl at Soldiers Chapel in Big Sky Montana took her head piece off and trucked down the aisle on her own terms.  You can see adults extending hands to offer help but she gives them the skeptical eye, as any young creature does when that offer of support comes from someone they have yet to learn to trust.

As a documentary photographer, I am always ready for moments like this.  I anticipate the unpredictable by knowing where the higher concentration of strong moments will show themselves throughout a wedding day.  Kids are one of those elements.

Shooting at Soldiers Chapel is not a favorite amongst most photographers I know, but it's fast becoming a venue that has produced my highest ratio of portfolio-worthy images.  From Allison and Justin's wedding I was able to win a Fearless Award with a brilliantly lit shot of the couple with the officiant silhouetted by the large picture window.  Here that same window light is dominating the overhead lights and making the flower girl glow for me as he processes down the aisle.

Soldier's Chapel is located in Big Sky, Montana.

Phone: (406) 995-4089

Location: 47875 Gallatin Rd, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730.