documentary montana wedding photographer
David Clumpner Photography

documentary montana wedding photographer

This tender moment between Lindsey and her sister happened at the reception of her Polebridge, Montana wedding.

Some moments are predictable, which makes my job as a photographer of emotion a little easier.  But others happen when you're not paying attention. Fortunately I am almost always paying attention.  That is the work ethic a documentary photographer has to abide by to get all the best stuff throughout a wedding day.  In this case people were eating dinner.  I eat mine in about five minutes so I can stay on point.  Here Lindsey and her sister were sharing a moment while dozens of guests milled around.  Knowing Lindsey was prone to emotion (more so with a little champagne), I would only let one eye wander from her at any given time.

As a Montana wedding photographer, I have to constantly be paying attention to both the light and the background, but most especially the moments.  Sometimes the mountainous backdrops will help prop the image up, but I don't like to count on that. Take away the mountains and what have you left?  If the answer is 'not much' then I haven't done my job.  This image doesn't have the majesty behind him - it's simply a purely emotional photo.  This would standalone in any city!

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Location: 265 Polebridge Loop, Polebridge, MT 59928.