chico hot springs wedding
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chico hot springs wedding

A Chico Hot Springs wedding is marked by  stunning, expansive views.  Most wedding photography from Chico points in the northerly direction overlooking Paradise Valley towards Livingston and Bozeman.  So I tried to do something different with Leane and Adam.  We had the right sunset light and they gave me an hour to play with so we took off in the direction of the rolling hills to the south and got just the right kiss of setting sunshine on the edges of the hills to give depth and contrast and a dark enough background to make them pop.  From there it was all them to show me how happy they were to be together and here we got it.

Chico Hot Springs dates way back to the 1800s and they have photos on the wall to remind you how historic a place it is.  The hot springs pools are open year-round and in the summer they offer a multitude of other activities from fly fishing to horse-back riding and tours into Yellowstone Park.  

It is one of my favorite places to photograph because the staff is surprisingly amazing.  They cater to everything you need and are very flexible, which is exactly what I need to succeed during the best light.

Chico Hot Springs is located just south of Pray and just north of Gardiner, Montana.  Phone: (406) 333-4933  Website:

Location: 163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT 59065.

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