bride toasts at polebridge montana wedding
David Clumpner Photography

bride toasts at polebridge montana wedding

This photo of the bride raising her glass in toast with her new husband behind is a fine example of framing and composition.  I watched Lindsey for a few minutes as her facial expressions went from solemn to touched to ecstatic.  I liked photos from all three of those phases, but this one jumped out at me as the most impactful.  Her maid of honor is standing on the stage behind me speaking emotional words about the bride while Mike, the groom, plays a supportive role behind.

While I generally prefer the person toasting to be on the same photographic plane as the bride and groom, in this case I think the context is clear due to the raised champagne flute.  And of course the white dress, flower headpiece, and sparkly lights in the background help set the stage.  You'll see that I intentionally overlaid Lindsey's champagne against the dark background and used the twinklies to frame her against that faraway backdrop.  Then I just waited for the moment.  I think piecing all of that together with her open mouth and visible happiness pulls this photo together into something we all can understand as a very pleasurable moment at a wedding.

This photo was taken at the Polebridge Mercantile in Polebridge, Montana.  Website:  Phone: (406) 888-5105

Location: 265 Polebridge Loop, Polebridge, MT 59928.