Bride Reads Vows at Woodstock Farm Wedding Bellingham
David Clumpner Photography

Bride Reads Vows at Woodstock Farm Wedding Bellingham

This photograph shows Hannah, the bride, going over her vows one last time before her Woodstock Farm wedding ceremony is to begin.  The text of the vows are visible in this photo, making a stronger connection to this wedding for the viewer as they can understand the groom's name is Evan and how Hannah feels about him.  In the background Hannah's bridesmaids can be seen talking and joking with each other, one even has her tongue out.  This creates a nice juxtaposition between playful and serious, which is the case many times on wedding day, including watching kids during the actual ceremony.

Woodstock Farm is a beautiful little venue nestled on a bluff overlooking Bellingham Bay.  It's unusual to have such a beautiful piece of ground so close to a large city, which is why this place is a gem.  The historic building is like an old farmhouse, but there are a couple of other useful buildings as well.  One is where the groom and groomsmen usually get prepared, the other is a barn where dancing can take place.  The flat at the bottom of the property is a fantastic place with ocean views where the ceremonies usually take place.

Woodstock Farm is located in Bellingham, Washington.  Phone:   (360) 778-7000Website:

Location: 1200 Chuckanut Dr, Bellingham, WA 98225.