Bride Kisses Groom's Hand at Montana Wedding Ceremony
David Clumpner Photography

Bride Kisses Groom's Hand at Montana Wedding Ceremony

The bride kisses the hand of her groom during the processional of their Madison Valley, Montana wedding ceremony.  I am always on the lookout for special moments like this and I have a mental checklist of times when they are likely to happen so that I am on my game in making sure to capture them.  If I were concentrating on the bridal party right now I would have a very boring photo of the couple's friends walking back down the aisle, but by staying with the bride and groom, I can capture the immediate post-ceremony feelings, which are often quite emotional.

In this image I am backing up while keeping the bride and groom centered in my composition.  I try to include a little of the background - in this case guests - to show context and hopefully get some great facial expressions.  There is a little of that, but the nice thing about post production is that I can always crop it back down to just the bride and groom if necessary.  For this image I opted to include a bit more just so you know that the couple is completely oblivious to what is happening behind them.

Corral Creek Ranch is located in the Madison Valley south of Ennis, Montana.  Phone: (406) 682-4610

Location: 1485 Bear Creek Loop, Cameron, MT 59720.