Bride Adjust Dress at Big Sky Resort Wedding
David Clumpner Photography

Bride Adjust Dress at Big Sky Resort Wedding

Often when I'm shooting a wedding photo at Big Sky Resort I am also looking for other elements to make the photo more interesting.  Sometimes that might be a human doing something opposite of my main subject, it could be a sign with funny words, or, like in this case, it could be a white mountain goat contrasting against the bride.  In this image I am drawn to the two white objects, both looking in the same direction.  One is struggling, one is dead.

Compositions like this are fun for me because they bring a little complexity to a composition.  I love when the viewer (me) has to stop and pause at a photo to take it all in.  I do think there is a place for a 'quick read' photo that is immediately clear with its purpose, but I usually preferred layered photos that require a little thought.

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