Yvette and Jason’s Lone Mountain Ranch Elopement

I have this record that has been intact since the beginning of my wedding career where I’ve never had a ceremony get rained out. But it was such a threat and Yvette and Jason’s Lone Mountain Ranch elopement in Big Sky, Montana, that I got a text while driving to Big Sky that they’d moved the ceremony up by an hour.  I panicked as I wasn’t sure my time buffer would get me there in time, but after checking Google Maps it seemed I would.  I met Jason in a field above the ranch and Yvette came in shortly thereafter via horse and carriage.  Then the weather threatened with a couple minutes of rain, but everyone laughed about it and the cloudburst passed.  We then did some portraits up top before they went to dinner and I planned for some sunset portraits.  We were hit with rain during their dinner then again just as we finished our post-dinner portraits, but managed to miss almost all of it!

I’m going to share Yvette and Jason’s story of how they met as I quite like it!

“We both lived in the same building down the hall from each other  in Washington D.C.  We met one day while waiting for the elevator.

Yvette’s version: I was minding my own business looking out of the window while waiting for the elevator. Jason used a smooth pick up line and said “the lift is taking ages.”  I turned around saw him next to his bike wearing a bike helmet and what appeared to be fingerless gloves.  I asked him about the serious bike ride he was about to embark upon.  He said something clever and then told me about himself. We spoke the whole way down the elevator ignoring the other people in the elevator. We went out separate ways and didn’t exchange numbers.

Jason’s version: I saw Yvette waiting for the elevator and as the elevator was taking ages I commented on the time it was taking. She immediately responded by pointing out “I haven’t seen you here before, are you new?” at which point I was fairly confident that she was interested. After a brief interaction on the 4-floor ride to the ground floor she made sure to find out what Unit number I lived in.

Jason and Yvette agreed version: Several weeks later Yvette decided to leave a Halloween party invitation for Jason at the front desk. Jason declined the invitation but got back in touch and the rest is history.”




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