Meghan + Will’s Big Yellow Barn Wedding

On my pre-wedding questionnaire I ask a number of questions to help me get to know the couple and understand what is important to them at their wedding. One question asks about the engagement, and occasionally I get answers like this gem:
“Will was ready to get married about one year after our first date.  On 2.14.22, we were sitting on the loveseat after dinner working on our computers. I looked over at him and he looked at me.  I said, “Ok, you can ask me to marry you.”  He has not yet asked me those four words, but we have the wedding planned. So, we are set.  “

Meghan and Will were married in a family-centric ceremony under stormy skies at the Big Yellow Barn in Belgrade. It was a day filled with love, chipping in from family, and a relaxed atmosphere (my favorite!). We were also lucky to get the most dramatic skies I’ve seen this year, which you’ll see during the ceremony and late evening portraits in the slideshow below. Also another first for me: a couple who sat down in the tall grass just because they wanted to slow down and enjoy the beauty of where they got married.

Venue: Big Yellow Barn
Catering: Bountiful Table
Bakery: Home Mixin
Officiant: Jason Bowker
Everything else provided by family!

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