madison valley montana wedding photography

madison valley montana wedding photography

There's something really special about the father-daughter connection on wedding day.  Aside from the historical 'giving away his property' significance behind the processional, it's a nice custom to have remained intact at weddings over the generations.  Here Whitney and her father, Thor, breathe deeply as they admire each other in their best attire.  Notably the mother figure is absent from this photo, too, as she is from their lives.  They only have each other right now, but shortly Whitney will add a husband to the team.

These moments are what I aim to photograph at all my weddings. They don't always develop at a wedding, but I will be ready if they do.  This is the advantage to hiring a photographer with a lot of experience and an eye (and portfolio) for emotion.  Anticipating these things is the only way to make sure I'm photographing the daughter and father just before the ceremony instead of the flowers against the aisle or the guests being seated.  All things that could be photographed, but I really believe there is a pecking order to the importance of photographs and I place priority on photos like this one.  That is what you get with me: emotion and love over details and stuff.

Location: Corral Creek Ranch 1485 Bear Creek Loop, Cameron, MT 59720.