Lone Mountain Ranch Wedding Photographer

Lone Mountain Ranch Wedding Photographer

Getting married in Montana can be a dangerous proposition outside the months of June-September, but nevertheless Bethany and Sheens decided to test their luck with a May ceremony.  Not only that, but they held it outdoors with NO rain plan!  They are nuts, but they were able to sneak everything in just in time.  We got a rain shower just after the ceremony, which immediately following that is when we took this beautiful horse and carriage photo.  Shortly later it began wet snowing and continued for another 1.5 hours.

Photographing a Lone Mountain Ranch wedding is like the best of all Big Sky has to offer.  There are meadows and trees, overlooks of the Meadow Village, and, of course, views of Lone Peak to the west.  We utilized all of those angles, but for this photo we just stuck with the classic backdrop of the Spanish Peaks, which were partially enshrouded in rain clouds.  One other unusual element that Lone Mountain Ranch offers is a draft horse team.  They usually pull a sleigh in winter time, but they were employed for a carriage ride during this wedding, which was easy enough to do since the two brides work at the ranch and know everybody!

Lone Mountain Ranch is located in Big Sky, Montana.  Phone: (406) 995-4644  Website: http://www.lonemountainranch.com/

Location: 750 Lone Mountain Ranch Rd, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730.