father of bride crying montana wedding ceremony

father of bride crying montana wedding ceremony

Parents showing emotion at a wedding is almost more touching than when the bride or groom do it.  Parents have arguably been thinking of this day longer than their daughters or sons have been, though their feelings about the day are of a different sort.  Here at Amy and Eddie's wedding, Amy's father got really emotional as the Soldier's Chapel ceremony unfolded before him.

Soldier's Chapel is quite the place to be overcome with emotion as the light in there is fantastic and the views of Lone Peak breathtaking.  This Catholic ceremony offered plenty of time for the parents to fully realize what was happening, too.

Not wanting to interfere with the situation, I hung back a bit and noticed these tears streaming down the father's face, unabated.  It's rare that people don't wipe tears, but really good for me if I want to photograph it, which I always do.  I had to work this scene a little to get the light just right for the proper contrast and reflection of light, but I think I got it.  The strong backlight made exposure for the couple challenging, but I did the best I could so that the reason for the tears was included in the photograph.

Soldier's Chapel is located near Big Sky in Gallatin Gateway, Montana.  Phone: (406) 995-4089

Location: 47875 Gallatin Rd, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730.