Bitterroot Valley Montana Wedding Photographers

Bitterroot Valley Montana Wedding Photographers

During our initial consult Justine and I got to talking about hunting. I explained that I love hunting so much that I became a wedding photographer to give myself the fall off of work. She was intrigued and said she liked the idea that I would be able to talk to her fiance, Derk, who was also a big hunter. He wasn't a fan of photography, but if he got along with the photographer that would help immensely. At their wedding Derk's 2014 330" bull was prominently featured on top of the arbor. Immediately after the processional was when this photo was taken. I don't think Derk is a very emotional person, but I'm very glad to have captured this moment when he was welling up as Justine nuzzled in for their first intimate moment as a married couple. It's subtle and beautiful and I love it.

Location: Corvallis, Montana.

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