big sky resort wedding photographer

big sky resort wedding photographer

I photographed this couple in front of the iconic Lone Peak near Big Sky Resort on their Montana wedding day.  We had scheduled some time after the ceremony but before the reception to travel around the upper reaches of Big Sky and take some creative portraits of the couple.  We had already spent some time up at Moonlight Resort when we were traveling back to Big Sky Resort and I saw this small opening with a beautiful Lone Peak backdrop.  We jumped out to do some basic portraits in front of the mountain then as we went back to the car I was ready because this is often the time when the best material develops.  Case in point: Justin is protecting Allison's veil from the ground when they (or I) made some joke or another and got him laughing.  They'd been drinking quite a bit of champagne at this point so everything was funny and loose, which is quite nice for portrait time.

One of the nice things about getting married at Big Sky Resort is the ample locations to go to with incredible mountainous backgrounds.  Everything hasn't been developed yet so there are still parcels of land that are easily accessible and offer great backdrops like this one.  You can run up to Moonlight Basin and get great Spanish Peaks backdrops or stay lower and concentrate on the front side of Lone Peak.

Big Sky Resort is located in Big Sky, Montana.  The phone number is: (800) 548-4486  Website:

Location: 50 Big Sky Resort Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716.

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