big sky montana wedding photos

big sky montana wedding photos

I don't think I'm exaggerating to say this is one of the prettiest Big Sky, Montana wedding photos I've ever seen (or taken)!  This is the kind of situation where every person in sight was holding up their cell phone to get a picture because there is no camera trickery going on here, this is really how it looked.

I spend a lot of my life outdoors and occasionally encounter something Mother Nature has thrown forth that is so stunningly beautiful, I lament that I don't have a couple there to make the best wedding photo ever.  Well in this case the couple was about 30 yards away from me, so I went and retrieved them.  And fortunately they were the types who trusted me no matter what I was doing, so taking them away from dinner or whatever they were doing was worth it.

And I think it was.  The sunset sky was stunning independent of the rainbow, but that rainbow sealed the deal.  One of the groomsmen held the flash for me while Heidi and Dylan walked forward through a little field and I fired away while the fleeting rainbow stuck around just long enough.

Big Sky Resort is located on the south side of Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana.

Location: Big Sky Resort 50 Big Sky Resort Road. Big Sky, MT 59716.

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